Our Mission:

The NMHPA Alliance exists to protect, preserve, advocate, and promote increased awareness and respect for heritage legacy that is culturally significant and distinctive about New Mexico.

Our definition of heritage is big and broad. It includes prehistoric and historic structures, and their places; cultural and natural landscapes; the Night Sky; agricultural lands; open space; traditional cultures; family heritage; religions and languages.

Our Goals and Objectives Include:

PROTECTION–Caring for what is important; Honoring and preserving New Mexico’s
irreplaceable heritage enchantment as our historic past is an integral link to the future.

PRESERVATION –Uniting with others and sharing a determination for empowerment to protect New Mexico’s heritage legacy.

ADVOCACY – Communicating and networking with preservation-minded New Mexicans to
encourage effective preservation solutions for opportunities and problems statewide.

PROMOTION – Sharing awareness and strengthening respect for civic stewardship of New
Mexico’s cherished legacies, by helping to keep alive and intact for present and future generations, the unique multi-cultural and distinctive natural heritage of New Mexico.